Parent Pack

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The perfect compliment to the Reindeer Box, the parent pack includes the footprint stencil pack, the candy canes that the magic seeds grow into and an instructional “how to” card.  

You can really bring the magic of Christmas to life and leave snowy prints around the house for your children to find on Christmas morning!  Then watch their eyes light up with excitment when they see that the magic seeds have grown into candy canes overnight!  

The stencil pack includes

-Three stencils:

-One for Santa’s Boot

-One for Reindeer Hooves

-One for sweet little Elf Prints. 

-Candy Canes are to put in place of the reindeer food the kids have sprinkles. 

Simply sprinkle over some baby powder, flour or shake n vac and watch your kids eyes light up on Christmas morning when they see that Santa and his crew have been!