Lemon Ribbed Set

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The softest/dreamiest set for your wee one.

If you want your little one to be in such comfort that they will just fall asleep then you will want this set. 

A soft/thick ribbed cotton with a LARGE amount of stretch. A thick/high waistband to pull up over there tummy to keep it warm on those cooler days. 

When it arrives it will look smaller than you imagine but it has soo much stretch in the material that it fits perfectly to your little ones body. For eg see below in the picture of the child in the white set. 


-Super stretchy/thick ribbed cotton with spandex 

-Will not loose its shape if stretched out

-High/thick waistband - to keep your little ones tummy warm 

-Scoop neckline


Sizing: standard sizing, so go with your usual size or size up for it to last a little longer

The model in the picture (wearing the white ribbed set) is 1 year old and is wearing a size 1, it fits her perfectly.