Breast Pads

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These reusable nursing pads are an essential for any mama and the perfect gift. They are made from the softest materials and have three layers of protection for absorbency and comfort - bamboo, microfibre and a PUL waterproof outer layer.

If you’re not sure what you might need these for - they are for those pre / post-partum leakage of fluids / milk or simply as a layer of comfort for sore or cracked nipples and tender breasts.

The number of pairs you will need will depend on your ‘let down’ and how quickly you soak a pad. We recommend you use a fresh pair overnight and replace the pads during the day whenever necessary.

These nursing pads come in single pairs or sets of 3 pairs or 5 pairs. They are completely reusable, washable and eco-friendly. They can be washed in a regular wash cycle within the machine or in a wash bag for extra care.

Using reusable pads is a massive money saver and you are helping the environment at the same time. They are also way comfier and the gorgeous prints make them a lot cuter!

Size : 12cm