Bunny Pyjamas

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We’re obsessed with this year's unisex Easter Pyjamas and we hope you love them too!

The perfect pair of pyjamas for your little ones to open on Easter and to keep wearing throughout autumn and into winter!

*Note true colour is more like the 2nd and 3rd pictures



  • A more fitted fit with a stretchy waistband
  • Thick ribbed/stretchy neckline and wrist/ankle cuffs
  • Cotton with a bit of spandex
  • A nice subtle coloured backround with a gorgeous Easter Bunny print
  • Perfect for autumn, winter and spring.


NOTE: Model is wearing the sample! Our bulk stock which you will receive, will have extra length in the top and the print will be a touch smaller. Refer to the sizing chart.

As it is a more fitted style I would go with your usual size or size up for a bit more room. If they are a bit long it doesnt matter as they have the cuffs.

Size Guide: Give or take a cm or 2 

Size Length (top) Length (bottoms)
6-12 months 33cm 39cm
1 year 35cm 43cm
2 years 37cm 47cm
3 years 39cm 53cm
4 years 41cm 58cm
5 years 43cm 63cm
6 years 46cm 69cm
7 years 50cm 73cm
8 years 52cm 78cm