Comfy Ribbed Onesie

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Super trendy/thick comfy ribbed onesies. These come in a bunch of different colours so why not grab a few. They are so versatile - wear them to bed, chuck pants on with a cute sweatshirt or even pop under a dress. Perfect for our current weather. 

**I would suggest sizing down as they are a bigger fit. However they are meant to have a more baggy/slouchy look instead of skin tight which makes them look even cuter on their own** Sizing information down below 


  • Super-soft stretchy/thick ribbed fabric for ultimate comfort

  • A range of different colours to choose from

  • 95% ribbed cotton, 5% spandex

  • Perfect for spring and summer, or winter with a merino underneath or jumper over the top


Length: 6-12 months 40cms, 12-18 months 43.5cms, 18-24 months 46.5cms, 2-3 years 48.5cms

Width: 6-12 months 24cms, 12-18 months 27cms, 18-24 months 29cms, 2-3 years 30cms

Models in picture 1 is wearing size 18-24 months and the colour burnt orange.        She is 23 months old, 11kgs and around 78cms tall. She would need to size down to size to a 12-18 months as it is a little big. Her usual clothing size is 12-18months but she is small for her age. 

Model in picture 3 is wearing size 2-3 years and the colour burnt orange. He is 2 years and 3 months old, 15kgs and 88.5cms in height. He may need to size down to 18-24 months if he wanted it a little less baggy. 

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