Size Guide

We all know what it's like trying to buy the right size clothes online - it's hard enough getting it right for ourselves, let alone for someone else!

We've put together this handy sizing to guide to help you pick the right size, first time, every time.

If you're unsure how the sizing below corresponds to your current garments, simply measure them from the highest point (e.g. where the shoulder seam meets the collar) to the lowest, and compare the sizes on our table below.

Happy shopping!


Size Length
0-3 months 55cm
3-6 months 59cm
6-12 months 63cm
12-18 months 68cm
18-24 months 72cm



Size Length (arms) Length (top) Length (bottoms)
6-12 months 25cm 32cm 41cm
1 year 26cm 34cm 45cm
2 years 27cm 37cm 48cm
3 years 29cm 38cm 56cm
4 years 32cm 41cm 59cm
5 years 34cm 43cm 63cm


Cot Sheets

Size Length Width Height
One Size 132cm 74cm 25cm